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I Got A Pickle, Hey Hey Hey…

I love The Little Rascals, I used to watch it all the time with my MaMaLo.

Not like that has much to do with this.  I went to the grocer earlier for five items.  I needed meat for jerky, coffee creamer, two different marinades and strawberries.  But of course I also picked up cucumbers, dill seads, dill leaves, a big bag of sugar, eggs, butter.. so on and so forth.

After seeing numerous posts within the past week over home-made pickles, I figure I’d give them a go.  I didn’t use an exact recipe, just read a couple and noted the main ingredients and ratios.  Like that it’s 3parts water to 1 part vinegar.  Which is exactly what I did.  For ‘seasoning’ I added dill seeds & leaves, whole peppercorns & chopped fresh garlic.  I really wanted to throw in some more spice, but figured I should take it easy and figure out a ‘basic’ recipe first.

So I boiled it, cut up my cucumbers and finally made use of some old mason jars I’d been collecting.  The brine smelt like a pickle and tasted like a pickle, so hopefully it’ll do the same to the cucumbers.  And hopefully I’ll be able to wait a few days before I bite into them.  And SUPER hopefully it doesn’t take more then a few days or I may have to send the jars off to my parents house to resist the temptation