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Lemony Custard-Cakes

As always – a lot of my baking is adapted off recipes or ideas I see on various food blogs online.  I saw a recipe for these little lemon cake / custards in tart tins that looked so beyond delish that day.  Since I had entirely too many lemons for one fridge, it definitely seemed like a great idea.  The closest I own to tart tins are these little mini heart shaped cake pans, which didn’t seem like the best option.  Instead, I decided to use my muffin tins.  I cut back on the baking time by around ten minutes to ensure they didn’t burn.  They were quite yummy, but since the base is similar to a custard – it was a tinsy bit difficult to eat out of a paper muffin wrap.  I plan on skipping the water bath next time and thereby doing away with the custard part and making it more of a cupcake.  With lemon cream cheese frosting, nom.