I love jerky, I love it so much I’d marry it if I could.  It’s such a lightweight easy, totally nom-able snack.

Now, since my Mother and I are both also totally into dried fruit.. we purchased a dehydrator.  And gee golly, you obviously can do jerky on it too.  Or in the oven… but hey, if you have it you might as well use it.

I buy a big London Broil and set it in the freezer for about three hours, til it’s hard but not frozen all the way through.  It makes it much easier to handle and slice up.  Then using this lovely new knife I bought, I cut it into strips.  I try to make them as thin as I can but, well, I’m not a butcher.  After, I typically divide the meat between two marinades.  I do a spicy teriyaki and just a spice blend for the other.  Let them sit in the fridge soaking for a few more hours before I lay them out on the trays.  After about half a day or sometimes more [depends on the thickness] – it’s all ready to bag up and eat.  It sure doesn’t last long in this house though, it’s typically all gone after three or four days.  Fortunately, it’s easy enough to make over & over again.


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