Banana Bread

Second go at it, and just like the first time I only had two bananas left instead of the three the recipe calls for.  They were so ridiculously black and over-ripe and perfectly yumm.  Mixed in some walnuts and raisins for a bit of flare and crunch.  Made the condo smell all sorts of delicious.  I have some banana chips I thought of incorporating but I wasn’t quite sure how that’d go over.  I think they’d be a little too crunchy and hard compared to the rest.  But maybe a few chopped and sprinkled on top…?  Hmm.  Third time is a charm, especially if I remember to save the third banana.

While FBing and browsing kitchen gadgets earlier, I was asked about running an actual industrial kitchen at a place I frequent.  His suggestion, not mine & I’d still need to speak to the actual owner.  Given that I’ve had a load of people telling me I should go into business, it was almost ironic that there just so happens to be a kitchen sitting pretty and unused.  Not sure what type of food I’d even be doing if this was to happen, or what would be optimal to serve there given the clientele, assuming it ever actually happens.  Could definitely be a fun adventure though and make use of all the equipment and space so it’s not just collecting dust.  I was already thinking of asking if during the “holidays” [not to be confused with actual holidays] I could use it to make all the employees a big family style dinner.  So this is just a step or ten above that… oy.


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