Apple Pie Minis

I’ve been obsessing over how cute the individual apple pies [made in muffin tins / cupcake pans? hmm..] were for a good two weeks or so now.  So small and fun-sized.  I always wanted the “I’m not small, I’m fun-sized” shirt, but sadly at 5’6 [okay 5’5] with a penchant for wearing huge heels, it failed to be relevant and stayed on the rack.  Back to the pies.

So, I made the dough and set it in the fridge for an hour.  It definitely needed to be done, it was too sticky and, well, dough-y to be rolled and played with.  It then took me the entire hour, plus ten extra minutes, to peel, core and chop eight apples.  I used a standard veggie peeler… there HAS to be an easier way?  Quite tempted to leave the skins on next time, although I’m sure I’d regret it after.

So anyways – the filling was ready & the dough was set.  I then had to go on the hunt for big enough glasses to use for to cut the dough pieces.  I finally found some, and then discovered it was way too big for the muffin tins and wasted a lot of dough.  So, I ended up just cutting them with a pizza cutter and forming with my fingers into a circle-like shape and then forming to the tin.  Having long nails definitely didn’t help with that, but my knuckles and I made it work.

Filled them and then went to cover them.  I realized, while doing the second six that I was barely going to have enough dough.  I made due but will definitely keep it in mind for next time to add a bit more of all ingredients.  I also had around two cups of extra filling – which I made into apple sauce. So the proportions at this kitchen were definitely off.  And I have zero forks in my house right now [someone did a round up and has not dropped them back off yet] so I couldn’t make the cute little designs around the edges.  I used the handle of a spatula and did a clam-like edging…eh.  the dough kept getting too over-worked.  Must be hot in my house…

They baked up fairly well.  The filling settled a bit, too much for my liking despite having filled them around an inch over the top.  Next time, I’ll pack them in and fill ’em high[er].  Definitely have a better idea of how to approach them for next time, but wow they were time consuming.  Maybe because it was my first time, maybe because of the dough shortage or the lack of proper apple-peeler, but from dough to cooling rack – it was around three hours.  Totally worth it though.

Took them to my boys whose eyes totally lit up at the sight of them.  One said while eating it he thought it’d be perfect with cinnamon sprinkled on top [check for next time] and whip cream.  My other friend said it’d be paired great with a little thing of ice cream.  So to each his/her own.  I ate mine just as they were. 🙂


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