Apple Surplus

So at around 330 this morning while flipping through food blogs, I stumbled upon a recipe for apple sauce.  Given that I have two-dozen apples consisting of three types in my fridge, I figured it couldn’t hurt to get rid of four of them.  So, there I was at 330 in the morning prepping apples to boil into sauce.  Ridiculously easy.  Chopped apples, cinnamon, sugar, water.  Boil, simmer, mash, enjoy.  Only real problem came when it was time to mash them and I remembered once again that I don’t own a potato masher.  So, I used my hand mixer and bam – apple sauce.  I didn’t skin my apples prior to all of this like the recipe called for, nor did I mix them all the way until smooth.  I’ve always liked my apple sauce a little chunky but I’m definitely going to skin them next time, as after they boiled the skins separated off.

Super good sauce though.  I plan on making a load more this week after I make a few apple pies.


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